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 The political terrain of Peter Morgan’s artistic practice stretches across zones of low-level conflict or post-conflict areas. Beginning in the still life genre examining the image in asymmetric age of the War on Terror, his practice has grown to include street photography, portraiture, video and mixed media. In recent years, Peter’s work blurs the borders of reportage and fine arts photography in examining and documenting elements of human rights abuses. In his involvement in human rights observation and protective accompaniment (the camera as both a documenter and, sometimes, deterrent), he seeks a greater understanding of abuses and spread awareness of human rights violations and advocate for positive change. 


In his new body of work, ‘Between Two Seas’, brought together over several stints in the Middle East and different forms of media to explore the concept of ‘regime made disaster’. This concept is applied to the creation and maintenance of an organised and well-ordered system of low-level violence by a democratic regime against domestic or foreign peoples. Such systems are most often, hallmarked by, and take advantage of their visual mundanity. 


Peter is a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney (BFA Honours). He has been a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize (National Portrait Gallery), Contemporary Landscapes In Photograph (CLIP) Award, Art & About Festival’s Sydney Life and Australian Life Prizes as well as a recipient of the Storrier Onslow National Art School Paris Studio Residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts in 2012/13. 

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